Release Date: TBA
Essentially, this is Blue Mantis Games' first project. The concept was created a few years ago, but Mantis Shaun went on a long hiatus from game design. We intend to complete the game by the end of the year. It is a complicated idea and so will require some tricky programming. We will offer a "lite" version with the base game available for free and are toying with the idea of an online multiplayer mode for a deluxe version. The game will be released on Android and iOS, and possibly Ouya.

Project DB
Release Date: TBA
As it's in an early stage of development, Project DB is a working title, subject to change later. It is essentially a bike platform game, in the same style as many of the Trials-themed games. While there will be challenges and a focus on achieving the fastest times, it's a solo game but will feature a story mode, replay sharing and track creation/sharing. It will release on Android (including Amazon devices), iOS, and Ouya. Steam will be a consideration if the game is developed to an optimal standard for a Windows game, but will be ported to Linux and Mac.
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