Officially, Blue Mantis Games is a one-man team. Shaun designs and makes the games, but he doesn't exactly work alone. That likely doesn't make sense, but presently he works by outsourcing artists and soon enough musicians. Since the work is temporary they will not be listed here (though of course in the credits of games), but Shaun will perhaps look for more permanent artists and musicians in the future. If you are interested in joining Blue Mantis Games, please visit the contact section and send a portfolio.




Shaun is twenty-seven years old and was born in a town called Stockport in England. He has been a gamer all his life and his earliest gaming memory is watching his father play an Atari as a toddler. At the age of twelve, he created very amateur but inventive Sonic the Hedgehog fan games with a friend, working on them nearly every day after school. To an extent this is what sparked his game creation interest.

Soon enough though, Shaun stopped creating these games and years later studied computer science at college. After his studies he wasn't sure what to do, but after some software development work, simply put, Blue Mantis Games was born.


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